Sencha Karigane (200g/7.05oz)


Author geewon kim   (United States)
Review What a lovely pleasant surprise this Sencha Karigane is. I was instantly enamored by the refined clarity and delicateness of this unassuming tea in my first cup. I decided to give this tea a try because of its high theanine and low caffeine content. But now i am forever intrigued.!. Quiet, simple yet delicately complex, this tea invites a poet out of me.
The gentle viscosity of the first brew is a real sweet treat, then the flowery aroma of the second and third is comparable to that of exquisite darjeering. I feel this karigane tea is truly in a league of its own by having more complex flavors in depth than the other noble teas from its leaves.
I appreciate much Hibiki-an for opening the delightful world of karigane tea for me. Next would be the gyokuro kariganes to try. Thank you.
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Date October 30, 2010

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