Sencha Karigane (200g/7.05oz)


Nickname Jane Kauer   (United States)
Review I live in Philadelphia, in the US. I’ve been ordering tea for maybe 10 years from Hibiki-An. Although it has become easier to buy good sencha in the US, the quality, choice, and ease of ordering—as well as very good cost—of tea from this country is exceptional. I’m no expert, but drink a LOT of many of Hibiki-An’s offerings (my spell-checker even knows « Hibiki »!). I truly enjoy the gyokuro and of course shin ha, but always come back to the more robust sencha karigane flavor. The customer service is remarkable, especially considering the distance, and especially thought out the pandemic, restrictions. I was never NOT able to receive my tea in good time, even in 2020! My warmest thanks to the folks who run Hibiki-An. I also really enjoy the extra information they share, for example, this week, about traditional hand or old-machine methods vs. more modern methods of tea processing. I am excited to purchase the competition grade tea for my 'tea friend’s’ birthday!
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Date January 19, 2023

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