Sencha Karigane (200g/7.05oz)


Author Chip Creitz   (United States)
Review I hope hibiki-an always offers sencha karigane of this incredible quality, especially since I prefer sencha karigane over gyokuro karigane.

I opened the Sencha Karigane the day I received it. It is very good, very well made, very fresh and aromatic. It is the possibly the best green stem/vein tea I have ever had. The stems/veins consist of around 90% of the tea by volume, very unusual for karigane that can often have just as much leaf particles as stems. Also, as I said, very well made, it is as if they have tea elves trimming all the twigs into uniform lengths, again compared to others I have had, this is also a delight to behold, and completes the karigane is like geese (karigane is Japanese for geese I think) are floating in my kyusu.

The aroma of the dry leaf... if I closed my eyes, and smelled it, the way I interpret it is like a fresh cool sweet tropical sea breeze. It is amazing.

The flavor and aroma of the brewed tea is lovely, light, fresh and very refreshing, like a warm tropical breeze (LOL). There is a distinct sweetness and tartness apparent in each infusion.

Well, I really like it, a nice inexpensive low caffeine green tea with a very different flavor profile. I also find I can blend other teas with this if I want a reduced caffeine session or just something a little different.

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We agree with blending Karigane with other tea. It will bring other pleasure. Would you try different combinations?
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Date July 11, 2007

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