Sencha Karigane (200g/7.05oz)


Nickname Jane K.   (United States)
Review Hibiki-an karigane sencha is my favorite. It is now my daily tea. I love their gyokuro and regular sencha, but really this is my all-time favorite. I live in the US but travelled to Japan in 2011 and got hooked on sencha then. Have not looked back (from being a 3 cup-a-day PG tips w/milk person!). Now I drink almost exclusively [except when I am waiting for an order] all of my Japanese tea from Hibiki-an. Hojicha in the evening and to cool down in the summer. Sencha in the morning and throughout the day, and genmaicha also in the afternoon and evening. It gets expensive, but because this is such high-quality tea, I steep up to 4 or 5 times, and am careful to use only what I can drink. A great--and healthful--indulgence, daily. Waiting now for konacha...
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Date September 15, 2014

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