KI KOHIKI Yunomi - pair (handcrafted Teacup)


Author Jordan Belville   (United States)
Review When I saw these yunomi on hibiki-an I knew right away I had to get them for my autumn/winter tea drinking. Once I placed the order I told all my friends and family showing them pictures and how excited I was. Today it arrived. I came joke from work thrilled. I opened my box and was speechless. Two beautifully handcrafted yunomi. The glaze is so beautiful, and I poured Sencha Fuckamushi Super premium into them. The edge of the cup was perfect in thickness, the green tea looked amazing in the cup, and I admired the contrasting color with the tea. It hood heat well and is perfect to warm hands in those cold autumn or winter days. Mr. Kudo should be so proud to create such a memorable piece. I will surely enjoy this for a very long time. Wow. Just wow. It brings a sense of peace, simplicity, and mystery. I absolutely love these.
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Date September 22, 2020

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