SEKIRYU MOGAKE Kyusu (handcrafted: 300ml)


Author Jordan Belville   (United States)
Review I’ve never seen such a beautifully created kyusu. The technique of wrapping in seaweed is something that I never heard of and it peaked my interest. Upon arriving I first noticed the lines, the goldish yellow lines like lightning on the Kyusu. It’s also surprisingly light, and I can feel it’s smooth, but porous surface on my skin. My first tea in this was Sencha Fukamushi super premium, my favorite tea from Hibiki-an. The clay added an interesting element to the flavor of the tea. Extremely subtle but it’s there and it really helped enhance the flavor. The ceramic mesh leaf strainer built in looks perfectly done. The overall thoughts of this Kyusu , it’s smell, visuals, added taste, and feel far exceed expectations. Another amazing piece of pottery from the Tokoname region. This was certainly worth the price and honestly is probably worth more! Excellent work by Hiroyuki Kamimura. This will probably be my go to Kyusu. Oh can’t stop admiring it, I am speechless.
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Date September 22, 2020

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