Sencha Pinnacle (40g/1.41oz)


Author John O'Connell   (Australia)
Review As I sip this sencha I wonder if it is the same as the tea people enjoyed when Sohen Nagatani produced the first green tea, by steaming and drying the leaves, 280 years ago. I imagine all the pickers, out amongst the tea bushes in their colourful clothes, carefully selecting the leaves to be steamed and dried. And I imagine the crumpling, rolling by hand, so that the tea-ness would be released from the leaves during infusion.
The world has changed a lot since then, yet, because of the hard work of dedicated people, we can still enjoy the finest quality, hand-picked green tea. This beautifully simple Sencha Pinnacle has a fresh, clean colour, aroma and flavour. Perfect.
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Date July 14, 2018

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