Sencha Karigane (200g/7.05oz)


Author Holly Helt   (United Kingdom)
Review It's official - I'm in love with this tea! If a tea could be cute, this is it. The Gyokuro stems are such a bright and cheerful lime yellow/green. It's a perfect blend with a large portion of the sweet stems and just enough sencha leaves to make this the most curiously addictive green tea. I used two heaping spoons, 10 g and 75° water with a total steeping time of 1 min 45 seconds including the pouring.

For some weird reason, my first whiff inside the bag reminded me of a concert hall (!) and I know why...when I poured the water on the leaves in my glass kyusu, I watched the sticks float horizontally upwards little by little as if musical instruments were starting to play. The stems literally stand at attention!

This is a very CREAMY, round tea with the ultimate balance of sweetness and mellow tanginess (or bitterness if you want to call it that). The dry mouthfeel is superb and makes you smack your lips in contemplation of all the characteristics of this yummy tea.
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Date June 07, 2012

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