Gyokuro Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Tim Hancock   (United Kingdom)
Review Gyokuro lacks the briskness of sencha, so may not make such an impression initially, and it seems to need fairly careful brewing to unlock the magic: low temperature as advised, a long soak (it doesn't go bitter), and I use quite a lot of leaf - more than sencha - to get the necessary substance. But if you give this the attention it deserves, the rewards are great: an elusive and complex aroma - both sweet and savoury, with a sort of spicey note lacking in the gyokuro superior (the smell of Gokoh, perhaps?) - and then a mouthfilling flavour that lingers. The word 'tea' really doesn't do justice to this stuff! It's an elixir.

(Comment from Hibiki-an)
We think that the flavor that you said “a sort of spicey note lacking in the gyokuro superior” is certainly Gokoh breed’s noble flavor. It is a characteristically sweet taste suitable for high grade Gyokuro. Gokoh breed tea trees are grown only in small amounts mainly in the Uji region in Kyoto.
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Date September 19, 2006

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