Bamboo Whisk 80 bristles (Chasen)

Skillfully handmade from one piece of natural bamboo, the Chasen is used to whisk Matcha into a delicious frothy brew!

This Bamboo Whisk has about 80 bristles. It makes a very nice lather and if stored properly, will remain in good working condition for years. 80 bristles is the usual number for a Bamboo Whisk to have. This 80-bristle whisk is a good everyday whisk for a nice lather and is an excellent value.

Hints for a lengthy storage life:
1) We recommend that you get the bamboo whisk wet just before you use it. The bamboo whisk is susceptible to dry conditions. When it is dry, it becomes brittle and easy to break.
2) It is better to store the bamboo whisk on a whisk keeper after using it. This will help the whisk to retain its shape.

Though Whisk Keeper (Kusenaoshi) is not essential, it is useful to improve the longevity of the Chasen Bamboo Whisk. If you would like, would you order it together?




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The bamboo whisk is susceptible to dry conditions.
- Wet the tip of the bamboo bristles with water before each use, prior to whisking. It prevents breakage during whisking because water makes the bamboo bristles more flexible and strong.
- The handle can also develop a thin hairline crack due to dry conditions. It is not uncommon for bamboo to crack in dry conditions; this is simply a natural characteristic of bamboo. Even if the handle develops a thin hairline crack, it should not affect the usability. We recommend you continue to use the whisk as long as it is usable. If your region is extremely dry and you would like to avoid the handle cracking, we recommend that you wet the entire whisk, both handle and bristles, frequently and before each use.
- Bamboo bristle tips are strongly curled before use. The tips will usually uncurl after the first or second use; this is quite normal and expected.

Tip for Whisking:
- When you prepare Matcha, first, whisk slowly over the entire bottom inside of the Matcha Bowl, so that the Chasen bamboo bristle tips touch the bottom inside of the Matcha Bowl. Then quickly whisk the upper half of the Matcha brew, moving the bamboo Chasen quickly like writing the letter "W." This method creates a nice frothy lather and helps to improve the shelf life of the bamboo Chasen.

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