TWISTEA Plus (Twin cap bottle: 400ml)

400ml (13.53 fl oz)
(upper main body: 290 ml / lower main body: 110 ml),
Diameter: 2.64 inches (6.7 cm), height: 8.46 inches (21.5 cm)

TWISTEA Plus is like having a teapot and tumbler together in one convenient bottle. Its innovative design makes it possible to extract genuine Japanese green tea without a Kyusu teapot. This stylish, compact bottle is easy to carry anywhere, such as in your bag, so you can enjoy drinking your favorite fresh green tea anywhere, anytime, freely.

The revolutionary feature is that you can keep the strength of the brewed tea to your preference. By twisting the body, the valve can be opened and closed to separate the tea leaves from the extracted tea. The valve can be opened again to pour out more hot water, which is convenient for Japanese green teas that require a second or third brewing. There is no need to remove the used tea leaves each time.

The bottle is made of Tritan, a safe material that does not contain bisphenol A (BPA) and is used for baby bottles. The removable stainless-steel strainer is strong against rust, and odor resistant.

Lightweight and easy to carry, the tumbler is heat-resistant up to approximately 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100┬░Celsius). Its double-layer construction prevents it from getting hot and from condensation, making it ideal for use at the office or while away from home. You can use this bottle with hot or cold water.




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1. Turn the main body upside down, open the bottom lid, and attach the filter.
2. Confirm the proper amount of tea leaves and extraction time. Place the appropriate amount of tea leaves in the filter, and securely tighten the bottom lid.
3. Return the main body right-side up, and open the top lid. Confirm that the valve is open at this time.
4. Pour hot water (or cold water), and close the top lid. Limit the amount of hot water to the MAX level.
5. Once the beverage is at the desired strength, turn the main body upside down again to drop the beverage.
6. Twist the upper main body and the lower main body to separate the tea leaves from the beverage.
7. The desired strength of your beverage is maintained after twisting.


- Main Body: Saturated polyester resin
- Lid: Polypropylene
- Seal: Silicone rubber
- Filter: Stainless steel


- Do not use chlorine bleach.
- Wash as soon as possible after use to prevent staining from the color and scent of the beverage.
- Do not use a dishwasher or dish dryer.
- Do not use thinner, cleanser bleach, nylon scrubber, chemical wipes, etc. (Causes discoloration, damage, failure)
- Beverage may remain or detergent may get in the opening section, so open and close to rinse thoroughly when cleaning.
- Do not soak-wash the bottle main body.


- This product is not intended to keep the beverage hot or cold.
- The tea leaves may seep into the beverage if they are smaller than the mesh of the filter.
- Do not leave the product with beverage in it. (Causes discoloration)
- Do not turn the main body upside down when pouring hot water. (Causes burn by tipping)

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