2-Minute SUNADOKEI (handcrafted sandglass)

This sandglass is a 2-minute tea timer. Purple color sand tells you when 2 minutes have passed. In the 7th century in Japan, purple was the color of the highest rank, symbolizing nobility and elegance. Japanese green tea should be brewed for a specific length of time for ideal flavor. Gyokuro, the highest grade of Japanese green tea, should brew for 2 minutes for the best flavor.

About 50 years ago, there were many factories which produced glassware, such as fairy lights, and artisans made SUNADOKEI by hand. Today there are only 3 factories which produce SUNADOKEI in Japan. We asked one of them to make our sandglass as an original product. All of the products are handmade at the factory.

As the glass tube is repeatedly turned while heated by a burner, it is finished into a gourd shape. Finishing the center narrow part, called HACHI no KOSHI, a bee’s waist, is difficult and requires delicacy of hand, concentration and subtle force. It is a true artisan's skill to finish this part in a short time. The diameter of the sand path is adjusted according to the size and time of the sand grains to be placed inside. This is adjusted by heating it again with a burner.

Then, the entire piece is reheated and cooled to make the glass less likely to break. Finally, sand is added, the seconds are measured and checked, and one side of the empty glass opening is closed to complete the process.

Since each piece is handmade in this way with much time and effort, there may be slight irregularities in shape, tilt, etc. These individual features make each piece unique. You can sense that it is made by hand, and appreciate the work of the craftsman.

Made in Japan
(Please note that each piece is unique due to the techniques employed by the craftsman. There may be slight irregularities in shape, tilt, etc.)




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- This is made of glass. Please handle with care.
- Due to the nature of the material, errors may occur due to external factors such as temperature, humidity, and air pressure.
- Do not place in direct sunlight or near fire.
- Do not place on an unstable place.
- Do not shake it hard or throw it.
- Do not use in a sauna or bath.
- There may be slight irregularities in shape, tilt, etc.

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