SS Strainer

diameter: 2.95inch (7.5cm), with handle: 4.72inch (12 cm) height: 2.76inch (7cm)

We at Hibiki-an are pleased to offer this SS Strainer (Super Stainless Strainer). If you have this strainer, you can enjoy Japanese green tea anywhere without teapots and tea cups. It is very easy to use to brew green tea; just place the strainer in a tea mug or Japanese tea cup with green tea leaves, and pour hot water to fill the cup. This is perfect for brewing genuine Japanese green tea at home and at the office.

Our strainer is made of stainless steel, so that it is strong against rust and should last a long time. It has fine mesh, so it brews tea very well. Its columnar shape and wide bottom create enough space so the tea leaves can fully expand during brewing to flavor the tea, providing almost the same taste as brewing by Kyusu teapot. It has a handle, which makes it very easy to use. You can remove the tea leaves by simply rinsing with water. With this strainer, you can brew our genuine green tea three times, which is also the same as with a Kyusu teapot.

It is also possible to use this tea strainer with your Kyusu teapot which has no tea strainer and a wide lid. This strainer fits most tea mugs, cups, and teapots!

Please enjoy your everyday green tea time with our SS Strainer which helps you to brew green tea flavorfully anytime, anywhere.

This strainer is made of stainless steel




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