Matcha Versatile (240g / 8.47oz)

This affordable Matcha Versatile is suitable both for drinking and for culinary use. This is blended with Ichibancha (the first tea of the year) and high grade Nibancha, the second tea harvest of the year, and is grown in the shade for 20 to 30 days before harvest by the "Jikagise" method. Though the taste is somewhat bitter and the color is less bright, this has the mellow taste that is characteristic of Matcha.

Of course, this is suitable for drinking. This Matcha has a mellow taste, though a little bitter. You can fully ingest the healthy beneficial constituents like Catechin as with other higher grade Matcha.

This is also suitable for culinary use, such as smoothies, lattes, sweets, and so on. We highly recommend this for foods which do not require baking. The bright color and mellow taste of Matcha are usually weakened by heating during high-temperature baking.

If you know anyone who hesitates to try Matcha due to the price or another reason, would you kindly share this by clicking the email or Facebook button below the Cart button on this page? They will certainly be pleased with the value and price.

In order to keep Matcha in good condition, the package is zip lock (re-sealable) style. When you close the zip lock package once opened, please remove the air from the package as much as possible, in order to preserve the freshness of the Matcha. If you have the metal container from our 40g / 1.41oz Matcha, or airtight container from our tea ware ("Matcha Bowls / Accessories") category you also can use it to preserve Matcha. The small pull-top can and the airtight container are superior and useful for storing Matcha.




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Features of This Tea

Noble Aroma on off off off off
Refreshing Aroma on on off off off
Mellow Taste on off off off off
Flavor on off off off off
  • Shaded from sunlight by the way of 'Jikagise'
  • high grade Nibancha, the second tea harvest of the year


Drinking Completely
(Ceremonial method: a little bitter, Bottle Shaking: not bitter)
Non-baked culinary Completely
Baked goods Matched

How to Prepare

This can be prepared both by the Ceremonial method (whisking) and by the Bottle Shaking method. For the Ceremonial method, click here . For the Bottle Shaking method, check below.

Bottle Shaking Method:
- Put 2 Chashaku or 1 teaspoon of Matcha (2g) into a PET plastic bottle, canteen, or anything with a capacity of approximately 500ml (17.6fl oz) and a lid.
- Pour 200ml - 350ml (7.04 fl oz - 12.3fl oz) of cool or room-temperature water (*) into the plastic bottle or other container.
- Shake the plastic bottle quickly and boldly 10 to 20 times.
- Drink directly from the bottle.
- If drinking at intervals, shake the plastic bottle each time just before drinking. Please consume within a few hours.

(*) Do NOT pour hot water into the bottle. It is dangerous as it can make the bottle inflate. Use only cool or room-temperature water.

Bottle Shaking method matches only with entry grade of Ceremonial and Culinary grade Matcha, such as our House Matcha, House Matcha Stick Packs, Matcha Versatile, and Matcha Culinary.
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