Karigane Tea Tasting Set (3 x each 100g/3.53oz)

At last, we are able to add this Karigane Tea Tasting Set to our line of teas. We chose and combined three valuable Karigane items: Gyokuro Karigane Superior, Sencha Karigane, and Houjicha Karigane.

Karigane is made from the stems of Gyokuro and high grade Sencha. The stems of middle or low grade Sencha are not called Karigane. Karigane is less expensive than tea leaves because it is a by-product. It is sorted from high grade tea leaves, and therefore has a better flavor than tea leaves of a similarly low price. And Karigane stems are rich in Teanin. Teanin is similar to Glutamic Acid which is known for having a sweet and flavorful taste and working to relax the brain and body.
Karigane lovers are usually repeat customers - once they try Karigane they want to drink it all the time because it has such a great flavor and is an excellent value.

Though each of the above Karigane items are usually sold in 200g packages, the Karigane Tea Tasting Set is composed of three 100g packages. Therefore this set is suitable for those who would like to try a taste test to learn which is their favorite tea, or who would like to enjoy less quantity of some kinds of tea. This tea set is especially perfect for those who are new to Karigane.

We are certain this sampler set will make a tea lover out of anyone. Karigane will deepen and broaden your appreciation of green tea!




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Gyokuro Karigane Superior: 100g/3.53oz
Made from the stems and veins of premium Gyokuro tea leaves, Gyokuro Karigane Superior has a unique and delicately sweet flavor.
Please brew the same way as regular Gyokuro.

Sencha Karigane: 100g/3.53oz
Sencha Karigane is an excellent value. It is made with Karigane (stems and veins) of the highest-quality Sencha such as Sencha Premium. Sencha Karigane differs from basic Sencha – it's more sweet and less bitter.
Please brew the same way as regular Sencha.

Houjicha Karigane: 100g/3.53oz
In contrast to the refreshing and roasted flavor of regular Houjicha, Houjicha Karigane has a deeply sweet and roasted flavor, which is quite unique among any kinds of Japanese tea.
Please brew the same way as regular Houjicha.

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