Competition Grade Matcha PinnacleRefill(60g/2.12oz)


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Nickname Paul   (France)
Review Almost five years I do enjoy Hibiki-an's teas and tools. I daily begin my days with a bowl of Matcha (carefully sifted and whipped, but with almost double amount of water as recommended), along with few bites of sweet (cake, raw chocolate with marzipan). I have been experimenting Pinacle, Super premium, Organic, Shinsha; though since Super Premium Organic is offered, it became my favorite.
Today I treated myself with this Competition Matcha; it is a new sensation, nothing to be compared with those I mentioned; I didn't sift it and used the proportions of thick ceremonial (half amount of water); I cannot say I have been drinking something, no feeling of having anything in my mouth but a cloud, not able to describe a taste, but a sensation, a light deep breathe through the chest and the head. I say it has to be taken at fast break, without solid but by itself, enjoyed as a meditation... an imaterial perception of matter and body.
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Date December 15, 2020

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