Lefty HOHRYU Kyusu (Teapot: 360ml)


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Review I received this Lefty HOHRYU Kyusu as a gift from my tea friend, Karen. She sent it to me sight-unseen. Her taste is exquisite and this lovely teapot would have "WOW'd" her if she had seen it and handled it.

There are so many things I adore about this kyusu. First, it is designed for a left-handed pour; this is a rare teapot. Second, the detail of the workmanship is excellent. The pot feels amazingly smooth in the hand and the fit is wonderful.
Another feature that I love is that the top has a nice knob for lifting; there is no slippage. The spout is yet another feature that is so finely crafted.

The color of this kyushu in the photo on the Hibiki-an website appears to be black. However, mine is a very rich dark brown...I really like it!

Thank you, Karen, for such an extraordinary and thoughtful gift, and thank you, Mr. Yasui of Hibiki-an, for offering such a beautiful piece of pottery.
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Date September 19, 2016

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