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Nickname Andriy   (United States)
Review Wow! These are amazing tea cups. I was drawn to buy them because they seemed so vibrant with the red maple leaf and daffodil flower patterns. It was great to read their background story and how Shunzan Mori was inspired to paint flowers by the artist Kenzan Ogata, who lived centuries ago.

When these cups arrived, I was struck by how big they were. They are like matcha bowls, but are of perfect size for regular tea, too. When I poured some tea into the cups, it was like they had come to life. The colors on the tea cups compliment the color of tea really well. It's fun to analyze the artwork details when drinking tea.

I would not hesitate to buy these tea cups as they are so beautiful and not expensive for such intricate work! Even though it is impossible to travel to Japan now, seeing these cups is like having a piece of Japan at home without visiting. Thank you Shunzan Mori for making such wonderful tea cups and thank you Hibiki-An for making them available on your website!
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Date November 06, 2021

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