Shincha Matcha Refill (120g/4.23oz)


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Nickname Paul   (France)
Review I am convinced that the chosen Chawan brings in a great part a significant contribution to the tasteful subtleties of Matcha. 

So, the aristocratic and ethereal energy released by Tama Tsubaki (showed on the picture), its ample delicacy and extreme lightness, fit perfectly with the qualities of Shinsha Matcha which can be defined in the same terms. 

Contrary to Sencha (my favorite tea, especially in Organic for its "flash" of raw and wild Nature), more from Gyokuro and radically opposite to Fukamushi, Matcha develops its contribution of dynamism and clarity of mind in a diffuse and constant way during the hours following its absorption, making it the "aliment" and ideal companion for an extended session of fasting meditation, as well as for starting an active and productive day, allowing to postpone the first meal later in the morning. 

And this is why Shinsha Matcha is the panacea, light to digest, dynamic of freshness, establishing a feeling of long-lasting joyful serenity, while Matcha more elaborate as Matcha Pinnacle are more convenient for Ceremony or sharing of quality snacks. 

In conclusion, Shinsha Matcha is a real "boost" of energy and good mood, without "side effects" (as  coffee or teas concentrated in caffeine may give, once dynamism fades, a down of hepatic fatigue); and, of course, Shinsha Matcha owes being prepared in a Chawan which enhances at best its spring qualities!
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Date June 25, 2017

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