HANA KESSHO GIN FUJI (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)


Nickname Ijen   (Canada)
Review I placed my first order with Hibiki-an last week, and received this beautiful bowl, as part of the order, today. The delicate beauty of this bowl is almost indescribable. My first sense of awe came with the packaging of the bowl. It is wrapped in a soft white-on-white floral printed tissue paper, then a protective sponge paper, all nestled in a simple, sturdy box. The pride of Hibiki-an in shipping this product is equally felt with my slow, methodical unwrapping of the packaging: a very special shared experience of pride in ownership.

The bowl fits generously into my two open palms, like it was made just for me. Drinking Matcha from this bowl brings back the tradition of honouring a treasured drink. The inside and outside of the bowl is decorated with iridescent, mother-of-pearl-like floral petals, that seem to float all around the bowl. One get the sense of organic, aliveness with this beautiful creation. The uniqueness of this design makes it almost too precious to use. However, in my view, one can honour the artisan and his craft by using it and appreciating it everyday.

Thank you for creating and sharing this beautiful bowl with me.
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Date April 22, 2014

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