MANTEN Kyusu and Yunomi Set


Nickname Edwin   (Netherlands)
Review I am very happy to have bought this! It was a great improvement from the tea pot I had before wich didn't have all of the points I named below.
It is very practical:
- The white colour of the teapot enables you to appreciate he beautiful colour of the Hibiki-an tea liqour.
- The opening in the tea pot enables you to put in tea and get used tea out easily. You can also clean it without difficulty because of this.
- The holes in the mesh are fine so no big pieces come in the tea.
- The spout is high enough so when you fill it up rather full, the water won't come out of the tea pot during the infusion (might sound like a basic requirement but that wasn't so with my former, now broken tea pot)
- The cups feel good in the hand while holding it.
- Not too big nor too small: 350 ml, so you don't have to use a lot of tea to make a nice brew.

And I also think the set looks beautiful! I like simple, non or little decorated tea pots with elegant forms and this is just that. I am also very happy with the customer service contact and how quick the order was handled, packaged and so forth.

ps: I didn't use a Yuzamashi in the past but after a while of using it, I have found it actually very usefull for its purpose.
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Date July 31, 2013

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