Gyokuro Konacha Super Premium (100g/3.53oz)


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Nickname Karen   (United States)
Review I'm a fan of konacha (and other "by-product" teas) who has been a Hibiki-an customer for quite a few years. The availability of their konacha offerings escaped my notice in 2013 but caught my eye and piqued my interest this year.
For those who've not sampled konacha, it's a somewhat different tea experience. The tiniest particles make for an "instant tea," with the larger particles "bringing up the rear." It's a slightly soupier liquor with flavor that really pops (mind the recommended brewing time and temperatures) but because of those varying particle sizes, is more complex than one would imagine. In the case of Gyokuro Konacha Super Premium, be prepared for an explosive green veggie experience, quite sweet with the tiniest bit of the bitterness you find in some Spanish olive oils, and a lingering, slightly floral aftertaste. Be aware that a proper filter is essential and that a sasame filter will allow more leaf to pass into the cup than a mesh one--it's a matter of preference. Also note that this makes sublime cold-brewed tea; 8 g/l in a Japanese iced tea pot such as the one I bought from Hibiki-an some years ago is the perfect ratio for me--your own mileage may vary. :)

Kudos to Hibiki-an for offering konacha, especially gyokuro (maybe mecha is on the horizon?). High-end by-product teas such as konacha and karigane are enjoyable at a fraction of the price of sencha and gyokuro. They should in no way be considered inferior--just different and often extremely interesting (a personally significant criterion), to boot. Jump on the opportunity to expand your green tea repertoire while konacha is available and be prepared to appreciate it on its unique merits.
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Date April 10, 2014

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