#1 Award Competition Grade Matcha (10g/0.35oz)


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Author Witold Riedel   (United Kingdom)
Review To be honest, I did not know what to expect from this tea. I am not an expert, and so I just assumed that the tea would be better, but that it would be a certain improvement in areas I would not really be able to taste.
The matcha I usually drink is of some of the highest quality, so how much better could things get?

This tea is really something else. The taste is beyond any matcha I have ever tasted. It is a much mellower taste, the bitter undertones are so subtle, so perfect. And it feels as if it were possible to somehow feel the very subtle taste of the land the tea came from. Just like with some excellent wines, where there is a very tangible base of the region, the minerals of the soil. Here it feels like elements of the soul of the farm came to me in a tiny bag from Japan. What a treasure. I will need to try different and respectful ways of enjoying this tea. The first test however really surpassed all expectations. Congratulations Hibiki-An. Thank you so much for offering this rare gem.
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Date December 26, 2012

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