AKEBONO Hohin Set (handcrafted Tea Set)


Author Kimberley Remesch   (Canada)
Review This was the first set I bought on this site and I never reviewed it. As other reviewers mentioned, this set is beautiful in its simplicity and there is something to be adored about the notch in the bottom of the cups. It makes this set unique and it becomes bold as much as it is simple.

There is something about the feel of this set. There is thought in the shape and design. It feels comfortable to hold. Its delicate; yet firm. It's comfortable as if made specifically for the hand and fingers to touch. You can almost feel the process of its creation when handling. This adds to the experience of drinking the tea and it becomes something more.

Very beautiful set with a classic look and feel that will never go out of style.
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Date March 29, 2013

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