OKAKI (handmade rice cracker)


Author Kathaleen Phillips   (United States)
Review I bought these for my daughter who got hooked on them ,when my friends from japan would send them as a holiday gift to me. My daughter loved them, so I ordered some more. You just can't get these in the U.S. and even if you could find them they would not even begin to come close to the flavor and freshness of these. Don't look at the price and say too much, if you wan't the best you pay a little xtra. You get what you pay for. I would recommend these to anyone who enjoys flavor ,freshness and something you just can't buy everywhere. It is well worth the price. Just the look on my daughter's face when she came home from a hard day at work,and the kids were yelling.and I handed her the most beautiful box . When she opened it and saw what was inside ,it made her so happy. She could not wait to open and try. She loves them. So give them a try ,
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Date February 17, 2014

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