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CONPEITOH (traditional sugar confectionery)


Author Holly Helt   (United Kingdom)
Review I wasn't exactly sure what this would taste like but the box was so beautiful I just had to try it.

These little things look like atoms - especially the bigger purple ones. The large brown ones look like they should taste like chocolate and the teeny tiny tan ones are really like nothing I've ever seen before. So darn cute and a total conversation piece!

Just ONE is all you need for a total WOW flavour burst of the blueberry. It hits you instantly, no sucking on it until you find the flavor - it's big and juicy and right up front. The big brown one is like maple syrup but it's not. Maybe a little bit like Molasses but not with that deep flavour that is kind of an acquired taste. You will definitely need another one to try to figure out exactly what this taste is. As for the tiny tan ones, I need your help - after about 6 of them I still can't tell you what flavour this is - but it's yummy in a subtle way. I guess caramel sums it up best. This is a sugar high so be warned!

In a nutshell, you simply can't eat just one...I've had about 20 now! Oh and the box is really sturdy too. Get these to make a fun statement.
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Date June 26, 2012

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