OHIGASHI (handmade confectionary)


Author Jeffrey Watts   (United States)
Review Never before have I had such an incredible experience with a confectionery. I am used to the American overly sweet things which are hardly satisfying to the palate. Ohigashi is something to be savored and enjoyed with Matcha or any high quality green tea. The sweet is so smooth and satisfying that 1 or 2 small candies will satisfy anyone. The texture is almost silky and just melts in your mouth. I crunched on one (like a typical American would!) but found this to diminish the experience and cheapens the sweetness. Just letting it sit on your tongue, slowly moving it about and letting it melt brings out the sweetness and enhances the experience to a level of pleasure beyond exquisite. I highly recommend these sweets for anyone who enjoys the tea ceremony or wants a special treat with a good cup of green tea.
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Date February 21, 2016

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