SHIRO INKA Yunomi (handcrafted Teacup: pair)


Author Kimberley Remesch   (Canada)
Review I just received these cups today and am very satisfied. The colour doesn't match the photos as much as I thought it would. It appears milkier, but it wasn't really the colour that caught my attention when I purchased these cups. They hold so much character, more than what I gathered from the pictures.

Holding them feels like holding something ancient. The imperfections catch my attention and I admire the fine cracks in the glaze and the image of roughness, despite how smooth and comfortable they are to hold. These are very beautiful, as are many of the items here. I have to refrain from buying all of the unique teaware at once.

This isn't my first order, but it is my first review. I felt the need to comment on the exceptional product, but mainly the service here at Hibiki-an. Service is very generous and quick to respond. They are very polite and quick to resolve issues. Shipping is faster than anything I could order locally and I haven't been disappointed in any of the products. I highly recommend them and enjoy learning about the history and the products they sell.
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Date March 14, 2013

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