Kuradashi Matcha Super Premium (40g/1.41oz)


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Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review Typically I like to drink my Matcha in the morning hours, but I was eager to try the new Kurdashi Matcha tea made from Samidori leaves grown in the tea regions of Ogura, Kyoto. Those in my tea drinking group this evening were wowed by subtle and smoothly refined qualities of this tea. It is hard to believe that heat and fire pits were associated with this fine artisan tea. When tea is so delicate and refined it is so difficult to characterize its taste and body in traditional words. It is only proper to say that this is one of the best teas I have ever drank. It is best to sift the tea and only enough for preparation. Do not sift large quantities. It is best to sift only what you use and sift again for each additional preparation. This tea has been delicately handled from growing to packaging and should be handled the same when preparing for consumption to enjoy the best of its beauty. Just when you thought you had experienced the best that tea could offer now comes Kuradashi Matcha. This tea represents "Heaven's Room". Mother Teresa once said "Let no one ever come to you without leaving better or happier." Thank you Hibiki- an for Kuradashi Matcha. We all agree this tea is excellent.
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Date November 10, 2011

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