HANA MISHIMA (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)


Author Monica Miller   (United States)
Review When I first saw this matcha bowl on the website I instantly fell in love with all of the details and designs. When I actually received the bowl I was very surprised at how small and intricate the designs actually are. This takes great skill and patience. The bowl is a beauty in every way. I love looking at it while its on display and while I'm drinking from it. Even though there is a lot of carving, the rim is very smooth, it feels really good against my lips. This bowl is a tactile and visual delight. You can tell from my pictures and the pictures of the model matcha bowl on the website that the flowers on the bowl that I received are sharper than the flowers on the bowl that's on the website (which are a bit less defined). Each bowl will have subtle differences. No two bowls will be exactly alike. This is true artistry and it is simply amazing!
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Date February 20, 2021

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