Competition Grade Matcha Pinnacle (20g/0.71oz)


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Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review Here we are December 22 and we are rushing to complete all the final details of our 2010 holiday and New Years Eve plans to individual perfection. As we compete to find presents for others we also find that retailers tempt us to buy for ourselves as they mark 60% off on sale items. But guiltless shopping can be found and that is starting with the new and latest offering from Hibiki-an. Tea is something you want to share. So there is no guilt with this purchase. Tea is soothing by one self but passion and creativity flows when you are sharing and drinking tea in the company of friends. The new matcha tea began simply with the best dedicated intentions and care to create as in all teas a great tea. But not all teas are created to be judged by the best against the best and this we can call competition tea. I would never have guessed any competition tea from Japan would be offered to tea drinkers outside Japan. Hibiki-an offers us the opportunity to join the ranks of ultimate tea connoisseurs. I found I can buy Competition Grade Matcha Pinnacle from Hibiki-an. Everything that goes into the making of this tea is apparent in the first sip. Skilled hand picking, the youngest and tender selection of only the best and fewest young leaves from each tea bush. Then the leaves are carefully tended as were the bushes through each step of secret processing. Not so secret is use of the shade structure used over the tea bushes while they grow and that is the honzu made in its traditional form of bamboo and straw. Just as in Cuba where tobacco farmers lay leaves harvested on Eucalyptus canes which lend a beneficial effect on the leaves for use in the famous cigar production. Tea farmers in Japan use the straw and Bamboo to impart beneficial effect on their competition teas. Tea is very seriously in Japan and competition is fierce and the results well respected by all. I was thrilled to drink this high quality tea unlike any matcha I have had in the past. The viscosity of the liqueur is the first detectable virtue along with the clean fragrance and richness of a full bodied flavor with little distraction. You know this is matcha you know it is good matcha as it coats your tonsils and the flavor lingers and echoes the value of the superior wisdom it took to get this tea to you. Fresh and alive with the color and form of matcha that is most superior. For those who are familiar with matcha you will note a uniqueness in the delicate dried powdered form. I measured 2.5 teaspoons as 4 weighed grams. Then I sifted 4 grams and weighed out 2 grams of sifted tea on my scale to 70 ml of 176F quality water. To maintain accurate water temperatures during the process I preheated the tea and water vessels with hot water first. I measure all my tea with a small jewelers gram scale for accuracy. Not to worry competition tea is accustomed to accuracy. Remember that 70 ml is about 1/3 cup of water to 2g of tea so make sure you have pre-heated you tea vessels like your matcha bowl and cups for sharing. Don't forget the sharing! Happy Holidays
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Date December 24, 2010

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