Kuradashi Matcha Pinnacle (30g/1.06oz)


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Author Rebekah Mullaney   (United States)
Review Hibiki-an Kuradashi Matcha is so smooth and balanced with a rich and complex flavor that one could almost describe it as soft and creamy or even buttery. Green tea is typically brisk and refreshing. Some might say that in general, Japanese green tea can be somewhat bitter, which I find pleasant in Sencha. However, Hibiki-an Kuradashi Matcha is completely without bitterness and lacks the brisk zing of Sencha. This soft and smooth quality is characteristic of very high grade Matcha. I describe it as creamy because of its rich, smooth flavor and the fact that it lathers (foams) very well when whisked with the bamboo chasen. Similar almost to Matcha Latte, this tea has a sweet flavor, as though there is a touch of sugar added. The color is a beautiful, pure shade of green, similar to their Matcha Pinnacle. The scent is vegetal, with faint aroma of oak or autumn leaves. Following traditional rules for aging tea leaves to create Kuradashi Matcha, Hibiki-an has managed to create a tea that is a perfect blend of two opposites: the fresh and vibrant taste characteristic of high quality green tea along with the complex nuanced flavors that come with age, as with wine and cheese. This tea is on par with their Matcha Pinnacle, one of the best Matcha on the market today. I highly recommend this tea to anyone who seeks out rare specialty teas. This is a unique opportunity to try an extraordinary tea, usually available only to those who participate in the autumn tea ceremony Kuchikiri no Gi in Japan.
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Date October 09, 2010

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