Kuradashi Matcha Pinnacle (30g/1.06oz)


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Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review Today is our fifth day of nature's invitation to Florida's 2010 fall season. Storming my new stainless steel kettle by Sori Yanagi has never been more of a pleasure as it is the best stove top kettle I have ever used and I am looking forward in anticipation to making Hibiki -an's newest limited offering Kuradashi Matcha. I am following the instructions exactly. Keeping the water very hot as 70ml cools rapidly when pouring for use with two chashaku measures of sifted matcha. Additional heat is lost through the rapid whisking. I am also indulging all my senses by using my new Hibiki-an rare and precious Kuro Makugusuri Chawan created by Shohraku Sasaki at his Shohraku Kyoto kilns. The black glaze is created by using the very rare and precious Kamogawa stone for the Raku Yaki matcha bowl. The quality of the glaze and weight and sensual qualities of this pottery adds to the enjoyment of matcha. The rich black glaze is a beautiful contrast to the astoundingly green matcha. The Kuradashi Matcha Pinnacle has been brewed several times now and all have been consistently pleasing above all expectations. Starring into my empty matcha bowl at the matcha ring against the deep black adds to the aesthetics of the tea moment. The Kuradashi Matcha pinnicle is perfectly aged and developed to be a wonderfully frothing and satisfying tea which soothes the senses beyond the written word. I look forward to ordering an additional supply and hope that there is still enough limited edition Kuradashi Matcha Pinnicle to fill my second order! I thank Hibiki-an very much for this offering. I can also suggest for a epicurean challenge that one might like to try a small sliver of dark chocolate to accompany this tea as a desert. With or without this tea is superbly memorable.
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Date October 07, 2010

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