Kuradashi Matcha Pinnacle (30g/1.06oz)


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Author Christopher Brown   (United States)
Review It's so hard to describe the suchness and presence of this years Pinnacle Kuradashi Matcha. I knew from the moment I broke the seal that it was different. The nutty, savory & sweet smell, the more vibrant deep green of the powder and the taste when brewed at 160-degrees Fahrenheit is nothing short of mythic transcendence. Not a single bitter note. A sweet savory cream. It even behaved differently in my sieve and made a thick gorgeous foam when only whisked ever so slightly. Like it was meant to enjoin with me. As though Yasui-san had meant for it to reside in me and this little tin traveled through space and time just to be here with me. Such is the power and proof of the divine nature of Tea.
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Date November 21, 2013

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