Kuradashi Matcha Pinnacle (30g/1.06oz)


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Author Mario Poletti   (Italy)
Review I have just finished testing your Kuradashi Matcha Pinnacle, Gyokuro Pinnacle, Gyokuro Premium, and Sencha. As usual, your references are the most appropriate to describe them, and I cannot but adhere to your words and add some naive ones of mine.
Sometimes, vintage wines are superb, just like your Kuradashi teas of this year. I have recently read a translation of Kuki Shuzo's book "Iki no kozo (The structure of the Iki)". The term "iki" is now the only one which, in my mind, describes the alluring and winning appeals of their perfume, and the unexpected nuances of their flavour. Furthermore, the term "iki" is all the more adequate, as all these superb qualities are the result of centuries of deep cultural traditions and of months of hard human work.
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Date November 07, 2012

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