Organic Matcha Refill (120g/4.23oz)


Author Courtney Daniels   (United States)
Review It always arrives bright green--i.e., very fresh! Top quality! (Inferior teas are often a faded, dirty-green color.) Bright green means the flavor will be great. You don't even need to add honey or sugar (which defeats the purpose of drinking it for its health benefits). And what's wonderful is that Hibiki-An matcha doesn't clump. (Almost every other matcha I've had forms clumps, or even a "mud" at the bottom of the glass. So, if you've made a latte, you end up drinking mostly milk, then at the end, encounter an undrinkable sludge of tea powder! And by the way, it doesn't matter how much you whisk these inferior teas. There will still be clumps. I've found the only solution is to put them in a high-powered blender, which is a nuisance, and it creates a lot of foam.) Once you've tried Hibiki-an, you will see why it's the best. Seeing their familiar little package in our mailbox is a thrill--we love it! And the service can't be beat. They treat regular customers wonderfully.
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Date May 19, 2020

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