Organic Matcha Refill (120g/4.23oz)


Author Carrie Channing   (United Kingdom)
Review The quality of service reflects the quality of the tea. Flawless. I don't drink it for pleasure, I prefer English cuppa and a few Rich Tea biscuits; however, this tea heals and REJUVENATES. You name it, it heals it. With Manuka honey, ginger and lemon this is a grade one cold/flu beater. Forget antibiotics and all pharmecutical drugs, this tea loves your body and your body loves and needs the tea. Give as a gift, explain the health benefits, read it everywhere online. 1 cup Matcha green tea = 137 non-Matcha green teas. So, if you are not a keen Green Tea drinker, one cups certainly beats 137 cups. I look younger and my body is pinging back to a youthful perkiness thanks to this tea. Ordering more now. Am not a wealthy woman, but this I choose to afford. Do yourself a favour, give it a try, you might not love the flavour, but you will be taken aback by the potency and effects.
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Date December 13, 2012

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