Matcha Super Premium Refill (120g/4.23oz)


Author Jennifer Falzarano   (United States)
Review Dear Mr Atsushi I'm so happy i ordered from you again its been far to long i knew and keep my promise that id order the refill size of my beloved matcha super premium i spent over the $150.00 mark for the express faster shipping and have been following my package and i find it very fascinating seeing where it is while its on its way to me here in Florida here in the USA i do miss my deep green tea moments I've been getting my matcha from tea company thats now long been owned by Starbucks its called Teavana they source there tea from another prefecture of Japan don't get me wrong its not so good organic matcha but expensive for a 40-80g tin n its not refillable id go through tins like crazy but very much prefer your tea to theres thats why i stopped buying theres and came back to you and still I've been drinking my matcha cold n i put a big very big spoonful to a acai bowl with fresh bee pollen or in a smoothie with raw extra virgin coconut oil n chia seeds i still do my matcha in my chawan i got from your site n still think of you and the artist who maid my bowl that still gives me emence pleasure you do bigger size bags of your house why not do it to all of your matchas and do gift sets of 3-5 different matches with tea wear together so your customers can try more then 1 matcha at a time like you do with your bagged loose tea and tea bags
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Date December 14, 2016

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