Matcha Super Premium Refill (120g/4.23oz)


Nickname S. Alice   (United States)
Review I spent a long time trying to decide which matcha to buy, for my first order from Hibiki-an. I went back and forth between the descriptions and ratings. Suddenly I had a thought: I'm in my 50's, and I might not have too many more years left -- maybe I should drink some fine quality tea while I'm still here! Hibiki-an has made that new indulgence so easy for me, and so pleasurable.

Over the years I've ordered matcha from many different companies in the US and Japan. Hibiki-an's Matcha Super Premium has, by far, the best color and texture and the most beautiful foam and bubbles of any I have ordered by mail. The fragrance, when first opened, is like a magic elixor for the nose that brings something wonderful into my brain.

By now I've tried several of Hibiki-an's matchas, and all are gentle and pure. But this one is very, very special. This matcha brings an atmosphere with it -- it is vibrant--words are mere approximations in my attempt to describe.
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Date January 03, 2015

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