Shincha AOTE (80g/2.82oz)


Author Rebekah Mullaney   (United States)
Review Shincha AOTE is an excellent balance between Sencha and Gyokuro. Those who like a strong, brisk, astringent green tea prefer Sencha, whereas those who like a naturally sweet, mellow, grassy green tea prefer Gyokuro. Over the years, I have tried many different varieties of Shincha from Hibiki-an and have been very happy with all. All are bright and fresh, like the equivalent of going to a local farmer's market and buying a perfect freshly picked red tomato, as opposed to one from the grocery. In addition to that baseline standard of Hibiki-an Shincha perfection, this tea is very mellow and a little sweet, and the color is more green, less yellow, like Gyokuro.
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Date June 10, 2012

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