Shincha Matcha (30g/1.06oz)


Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review In our world it is a constant challenge to maintain balance and include nature and purity. My goal today was to find balance. My Thursday morning began outside before dawn. I began to breath the warm moist cool air, rain washed just that night before. As the light brightened butterflies began laying the next generation on cool dew soaked host plant leaves. Nature was in motion and so was my water on the stove! This morning was my day to share tea with two other invited friends. I prepared the evening before setting up my tea ware, wisk and tea. I was going to make Hibiki-ans 2010 Shincha Matcha. Opening the matcha container sent me back to my favorite green garden visions. As I preheated my matcha bowl and cups with hot water and sifted two chashaku of matcha tea. I then took the two chashaku again of sifted matcha to my bowl. Slowly adding 70ml of 180 degree water and then whisking away in abrupt up and down motions left and right back and forth the frothy tea began to transformed my guests before my eyes. Matcha had seduced them and it was not even in their cups. This was their first Matcha experience and they were amazed and thrilled with their first experience. Thank God we have Hibiki-an for our tea source! So many things bring this tea to its best. The right tea plants, the right soil, the right weather, the right tea process managed by the right tea master, and all done right for a long passionate and painstaking time. I received my tea in two days from Kyoto, I transformed two people in a few green tea moments and they wanted more and were thrilled with the beautiful clean luscious flavor. Thank you Hibiki-an for this perfect and smooth shincha
matcha 2010. Unsurpassed flavor and quality this year is excellent!!!!!!!
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Date June 07, 2010

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