Houjicha Karigane Super Premium (100g/3.53oz)


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Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review When my Houjicha tea arrived I prepared the boiling water and measured out 7.5 g on my scale which happened to be about what slightly fills a 1/4 cup measuring cup. Then I chose the fastest decanting teapot I own because I noticed that this tea as per instructions needed to only brew for 15-30 seconds to release its flavors. I chose 20 seconds for each tea. later I will experiment over time for different taste results using more or less time and maybe even blending my own Houjicha teas as there are four. It is obvious to me that Houjicha tea is best when consumed as soon as possible after roasting this one is no exception because of the content of Macha leaves incorporated into this blend. My favorites during this moon or mood phase was the Houjicha Super Premium and the Houjicha Karigane. I think the Houjicha Karigane Super Premium is a mild and light sophisticated rendition of the Houjicha Karigane. I encourage tea enthusiasts to drink all four Houjicha teas. They are all four very much a good value for enjoyable and reward-able health benefits. Some are very low in caffeine because of the additional roasting. Plus roasted teas are very easy on the stomach for the very old and the very young people even babies. They are very easy teas to make and demand very little time to create a very satisfying cup once you have the water to tea ratio planned. If there is a time to make a change to your winter regime this tea will add as a great catalyst thus preparing you for a lighter spring time soon to arrive. I truly believe these Houjicha teas satisfy your appetite enough that you can make better eatting choices later through the day. The tea is very satisfying. I am sure farmers throughout Houjicha history have found their tea a very good drink to help their appetites when food supplies became scarce in the winter. Also in the winter you want to drink a hotter tea and Houjicha is made with boiling water. Houjicha is a tea style that will have a permanent place on my tea drinking calendar. Some are limited in supply this season so mark your calendar after you place your tea order! Houjich Karigane Super Premium is limited. I cannot wait for a warm day to explore this tea cold with ice!
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Date February 09, 2010

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