Houjicha Super Premium (100g/3.53oz)


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Author Rebekah Mullaney   (United States)
Review Houjicha Super Premium is exactly the kind of tea I want to drink in winter, when it's so cold outside. Some people like hot chocolate in winter, but personally I prefer Houjicha. It's more warming, and also it has no caffeine, so you can drink Houjicha in the late afternoon or before bedtime without it keeping you up all night. This style of Houjicha is so unique because of the sweetness and complex layers of flavor. You get hints of fresh green tea, roasted nuts and grains, coffee, and black tea. Also there are deep earthy undertones of oak wood and autumn leaves. The top notes are a mild sweetness like a touch of brown sugar. Overall, it's a very complex tea, perfect for those who like to experiment with new flavors and styles of green tea. If this is your first time to try Japanese green tea, I suggest Hibiki-an's Sencha. If you have never tried Houjicha, I suggest Hibiki-an's Houjicha (Bancha). But if you have been drinking tea for a while and want something really special and unique, I definitely suggest this tea; it's especially perfect for winter.
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Date February 14, 2010

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