Houjicha Super Premium (100g/3.53oz)


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Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review There are four new Houjicha teas now offered from the tea farm and green tea provider Hibiki-an. The Houjicha Super Premium is a limited production.This was the first of the four Houjicha teas I tasted and I was thrilled with my experience. This was a tea I did not want to stop drinking. My comfort level with this tea was obtained through the complexity of flavors created and captured by the exquisite roasting. I knew from the time I opened the package to reveal the aroma that this was a very special roasting. I loved the mild smoked layers mixed with earthy and fruity-nutty cereal essence. I snacked on dry fruit during this tea session and began to in my mind make food pairings using Houjicha Super Premium. I was never willing in the past to try what I called stick teas. I was more a green tea and whole leaf snob. But when I asked my sushi master what his favorite tea was and he said Houjicha I dismissed his comment but always wondered why would he liked Houjicha. Now I know why. Roasting brings out wonderful flavors. The flavor is retained in your mouth for quite awhile whilst leaving you very satisfied and wanting more. I must say that this tea is so satisfying that it would be a great aid to fortify oneself for a long day when you might have to miss lunch and have a late dinner! To all Hibiki-an tea lovers and prospective tea drinkers this is not one to miss. My only hope is that Hibiki-an can duplicate this roasting next year! I used just barely 1/4 cup about 7.5 grams to 200ml or 7 ounces of hot water (boiling) for about 20 seconds. I used a teapot that decanted very quickly and I filtered the pour through a fine stainless filter which made the tea color more beautiful in my Hibiki-an SHIGARAKI HAGI Yunomi (handcrafted Teacup: pair). An excellent cup to enjoy this satisfying tea. I am very impressed with this tea offering and I hope you will take the opportunity not to miss this limited and very special offering.
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Date February 09, 2010

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