SEKICHUKA (handcrafted Multi-cup: 150ml)


Author ezra goldman   (United States)
Review In our home, this is my wife's cup. I have, and use, the other, slightly larger design HYO SETSU HAKU by the same master, but I bought this for the Winter/Spring season. When it arrived and I unpacked it my wife picked it up and said "How wonderful! I'll use this one!". It just fit her. In truth, the size is slightly smaller in the hand than the HYO SETSU HAKU and perhaps more comfortable for her. I find that it holds slightly less tea than I have grown used to in the 160ml size cup.

This cup has a matte finish on the outside, the feel is not of a glazed surface but rather a very smooth baked clay. It is surprisingly dense, solid and thick, although not heavy; it has heft in the hand (especially compared to the more ethereal 160ml cup that feels weightless).

After two weeks of use and exposure to hot tea it developed a lovely pattern of cracks in the interior that are slightly tea stained.

This is a wonderful object that can enhance your experience of Hibiki-an's wonderful teas.
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Date April 27, 2010

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