Tencha Super Premium (30g/1.06oz)


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Author Karen Kletter   (United States)
Review I'm delighted that Hibiki-an decided to offer tencha this year, both as Shincha Gyokuro and now this Super Premium. The dry leaves yield an intense, flowery fragrance that accurately fulfills its promise of an exceptional tea experience.
I always brew tea for a bit less time than suggested because I'm not only guaranteed three good infusions, but I also get a better sense of a tea's nuances with a brew that's a bit lighter (no hardship when the tea is of such high quality). My first infusion was the most satisfying, with an intense, vegetal umami and subtle floral undertone--lovely!
The second and third infusions are milder but still satisfying--these can be brewed a bit hotter with no trace of bitterness. As is usual for me, I'll soak the leaves covered in the refrigerator overnight for morning iced tea.
Tencha Super Premium vs. Shincha Gyokuro...both are exceptional and are sure to please lovers of matcha and gyokuro--try both and compare!
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Date August 28, 2009

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