Shincha Gyokuro (80g/2.82oz)


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Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review Shincha Gyokuro 2010 "The Tea of Kings" is here! Thank you Hibiki-an. Hands down everyone drinking this tea at my table gave it high praise and said they really liked my brew of 7.5 grams of tea with 200ml of 165 degree water for 30 seconds. In and out! This was repeated three times and then I used hotter water and more time but no longer then one minute. Remember this tea has been perfectly processed in Japan keeping it in contact with hot water for a long time could only process it further. That is why I brewed it very tenderly. I was very impressed with this tea and its flavor. All the Hibiki-an teas I have been drinking ( Shincha matcha, farmers and Shincha Gyokuro) have been fantastic but my favorite was the Shincha matcha and the Shincha Gyokura. There are a few words to describe green tea but for two of the three teas in this review there are only two word Tea Art! Hibiki-an has hit the high mark with specifically these two offerings for Spring 2010. I do not know what pain they had to go through to get to this mark but I want to say it was worth it and they are beautiful teas! Excellent! Thank you!
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Date June 05, 2010

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