Shincha Gyokuro (80g/2.82oz)


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Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review Long over due is my review for this wonderful tea from Hibiki-an tea. I have been so busy drinking many new spring teas that I almost forgot to write my review!
I likes using 7g of this tea to 220cm of water at 156 degrees for exactly one minute. We take tea drinking very seriously at my house and in the beginning before you get to know a tea you must keep strict controls. Then to suite your tastes you can make slight changes as to tea amounts, time brewed and water temperature. Allowing a tea leaf lots of room to expand in the water is important. As in Shincha Gyokura this leaf took less water to expand. When using 220cm of water I was able to pour off 200cm of a long sweet flavor that over rode any astringency.
Even as the tea cooled in the cup the flavor was wonderfully pleasing which suggests this may be the tea for summer refreshment on ice! Appreciating Shincha Gyokuro tea in spring plus looking forward to a wonderful tea for summer refreshment is the best review I can give this tea. The taste notes echo for two seasons. Better stock up on this one for the hotter summer days!
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Date May 25, 2009

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