Whiskey Barrel Ash Glaze Yunomi (handcrafted: pair)


Author ezra goldman   (United States)
Review Ordered a pair of these yunomi as soon as they came on the site, and they just arrived and I'm sitting typing this with the cup between the keyboard and myself, the cup steaming slightly with gyokuro karigane supreme tea.

These cups are as subtle as the description explains. The color of the glaze has an overall very faintest green (very light, very pastel) hint. The color only amplifies the green of the tea liquid. The smudge or small field of reddish (iron?) toned clay that shows through in the interior contributes to a sense of depth and draws your gaze into and through the tea.

The ash on the outside is unique to each piece, but much more visible in the photos than in use. I suppose they'll show that design off to best advantage when on a shelf and not in use.

The shape is slightly off a pure circle, and you can tell that even if they are turned on a wheel to start they are then hand-thrown and your finger tips or fingers will find a resting spot in the very slight asymmetry as you rotate the cup in your hand till it settles into a spot that feels comfortable and secure.

So much to say about a cup ... ah ... that's just another part of the green tea moment, no?
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Date April 02, 2009

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