SHUNKAN (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)


Author Mario Poletti   (Italy)
Review I have never seen a reproduction with such a high level of likeness with the original, especially in form, colour, texture and,above all, spirit.
It is not a copy, it is a real new creation where the most subtle intuitions of form and space, which make the original unique, have been deeply understood and brought back to life.
One difference only can be perceived between the original and the copy : the age. I am almost certain the copy matches the original as it was the day it was created.
While making this reproduction of the Syunkan, Mr Shohraku Sasaki let Chohjiroh Raku live in his spirit, Mr Shohraku Sasaki becomes Chohjiroh Raku for a while.
Very bad...Bad...Very bad...Ordinary...Good... 5 of 5 Stars!
Date March 03, 2010

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